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Email blunders & flame mail frenzies

Examples of how not to contact journalists, opinion formers (or anyone else, for that matter) by email... unless you wish to engender an unexpected response.


To provide the background on this example, the Annoyed Recipient was one of numerous people (opinion formers, mainly) who had been added to an email discussion list without their permission. An error subsequently occurred with the list's unsubscribe mechanism, meaning that all the recipients received each other's flame mails (around 100 in total during one morning). The person behind the list - let's call him Hapless Spammer - did nothing to alleviate the recipients' hot tempers with his flippant response to their concerns. The moral of the story is: use permission marketing only and test out your list server before you add the recipients.

From: Annoyed Recipient
To: "'Hapless Spammer'"
Subject: RE: [100 unsolicited spam messages sent through disussion list]

"B" I do not know you, after this I am not that keen in doing so in the future. My e-mail is jammed and you have the gall to send out some pompous sh*t about sharing with creative people, if THIS is an example of your creativity you can stuff it back up your fat *rse from whence it came, you appallingly selp absorbed psuedo-superior bag of steaming dog-sh*t

-----Original Message-----
From: Hapless Spammer
Subject: settle down relax -you can automatically unsubscribe yourselves

There are many people on this list who want to be networked, the are a few of you that don't. - the list has been created to filter out those that do from those that don't. There are two more stages to this filtering process. By ignoring the simple step of Returning a blank email to smartgtoups, you are creating your own "feedback" situation, the one that you are complaining about. Relax, this group will sort itself out and you will, if you stay in the group, be able to reap the rewards of networking with a large number of highly creative individuals. :)



The following correspondence occurred when the member of a community group appealed for members of a business-oriented local list server to help with a voluntary project. Perhaps he was a touch too earnest. This example also demonstrates the need to make sure your spellink is done propa, like.

From: List Server Member
Subject: RE: Hello/ Information, Edcation, Liberation

Is there a similar event for us "non right on" capitalist b*stards who are in this game purely to extract as much money as possible from our clients, and who would sell our souls to the highest bidder?

p.s. Education has a 'u' in it ...

-----Original Message-----
From: Community Organisation Member
To: members@locallistserver
Subject: Hello/ Information, Edcation, Liberation

Hello. My name's John Doe and I work at a Local Community Group. [snip] You are invited to a public meeting to discuss the creation of a Local Community Information Network.

Over the past few months people from the Black & Minority Ethnic Community Partnership, Local Council, Local Voluntary Sector Forum, Common Sense Charity, Local County Council Library Service, Gay & Lesbian Arts & Media, Local Community Internet Project, the Working Together Project and the Local University have been meeting to discuss how best to improve access to and the quality of "community information". [snip]

Based on research and needs identified by local people we believe a Community Information Network could seek to:
Provide mutual support for any group or organisation that provides information for and with communities
Improve the quality of information available to all residents of the local area
Encourage good practice in the use of new technology
Maximise existing resources within the Voluntary, Public & Private Sectors
Create a dynamic strategic alliance involving community activists, information providers & policy makers
Be a positive learning experience for all involved
We want to know what you think... [snip]

The meeting is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. [snip]
EXPENSES To ensure our event is accessible to all members of our communities volunteers travel & childcare expenses will be paid. INTERPRETERS Interpreters & signers are available if you let us know in advance.
FOOD All food will be vegetarian, but please let us know of any special dietary needs you may have and we will try to accommodate you.
OTHER SPECIAL NEEDS Please let us know if you have any other needs that we may be able to help with. [snip]

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