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Frequently Asked Questions

About UKPress

What is UKPress?
UKPress is an online forum where journalists and PR people can discuss issues of concern, make useful contacts and conduct research. Although the forum tends to focus on the technology sector, all UK journalists and PR people are welcome to join.

Who runs UKPress?
UKPress is run by Paul Douglas, editor of .net, Jo Chipchase, a freelance journalist and PR/publicist, and Robert J Shepherd, a TV director and MD of business ISP and mailing list specialist,

How long has UKPress been running?
Since February 2000.

Who uses UKPress?
The membership of UKPress currently includes people from the UK's main publishing houses, online publications, broadcast organisations and numerous leading PR consultancies. We also have many freelancers using the resource.

Where does the discussion take place?
The main discussion takes place via email, on the UKP mailing list, to which all UKPress subscribers can post messages and where they can see each other's responses. We also have a message forum on this website, which anyone can use.

How frequently will I receive email?
UKPress currently offers two versions of the email list: the full version, where you will receive messages continuously (around 5-15 a day) and the digest version, where you receive one daily summary. If you wish to keep traffic to your inbox as low as possible, the digest version is probably best for you. If you'd rather see the discussion unfold in real-time, the full version will be preferable.

About membership

How do I join UKPress?
You join by filling in our online form. You will then be manually added to the list server by one of the UKPress moderators. This process usually takes around two working days, you'll receive a welcome message when it's complete and you'll then automatically start to receive mailing list messages. There is no membership fee.

If I join the digest/full version and wish to switch, is this possible?
Yes. You can move over from the digest version to the full version, and vice versa, by using the log-in box above and then setting your options as you wish.

Can I stop receiving messages while I'm away?
Yes. You can go "Nomail" for as short or long a time as you like, by using the log-in box above and then setting your options as you wish.

Can I change my email address or password, or unsubscribe easily?
Yes. Just use the log-in box above and follow instructions.

What if I forget my log-in details?
To use the online forum, you don't need to log in. To change your mailing list membership details, you need just your email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, click here to reach the log-in box, type in your email address and then press Email me to request that your password be emailed to you. You should receive it within a few minutes.

About mailing list messages

How do I send messages to the UKPress list membership?
Once your membership is confirmed with a welcome message, you can send messages at any time by addressing an email to or by replying to list messages. Your email will be automatically distributed to everyone.

What's the risk of receiving viruses with UKPress email?
Virtually nil. The UKPress system is managed by, a highly experienced provider of professional mailing list services. This system automatically prevents any attachments being included and converts all MIME/HTML emails to plain text, providing extremely effective protection against email worms and viruses. However, UKPress cannot be held responsible for messages sent by members directly to other members.

Does UKPress filter out unwanted material like spam and auto-responses?
Yes. UKPress staff manually vet all membership applications to ensure that only bona-fide professionals can join. We do not allow members to post spam or attachments, and we reserve the absolute right to ban any members who try to circumvent this policy. You can visit our advice and policy on auto-responders.

My messages are being held for moderator approval. What's happening?
There are three usual reasons for this: (a) your message was sent from a non-registered email address (see below), (b) your message is very long (perhaps it contains an entire digest) or (c) your message contains words or phrases which suggest it's an auto-response or automated message. A moderator will normally review the message within an hour or two but we're busy people so be patient if it takes longer.

I've posted a message and it hasn't gone out to the list. What's happening?
By far the most common reason is that it's been sent using a non-registered email address. You must ensure that the address you use to send UKPress messages is the same as the address you gave us when you joined. If it isn't, either use the correct address on your emails or use the log-in box above and change your registered address. If you're sure your address is correct, your message may be held for moderator approval for one of the other reasons listed above. It should also be noted that we may occasionally slow or halt delivery to the list for essential maintenance: on such occasions, your email will normally be held for later delivery.

About listings on the UKPress website

Can I get my agency or website listed on the links page?
Yes - provided that it's relevant. There's a small charge of 40/year + VAT for a listing on our page, in return for exposure to targeted traffic. Simply email the correct URL and brief details (if you're a PR agency, this includes your current client list) to, with the subject heading UKP Link Order.

Will UKPress be expanding?
Yes. Behind the scenes we're currently expanding the site to add editorial, databases, planners and other content of help to communication professionals. We are always open to comments and suggestions in this area.


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